Simple Ways to be Happy and Life Satisfaction

Much like the Sinatra song lyrics “The Best is yet to come,” somewhere deep down as a little boy I always knew this statement to be true.

Maybe it all started from my wild, active and creative imagination and the search to finding happiness. When I was about seven, I would lay on my back in the green grass of our five-acre country property, looking up at the baby blue skies with white cotton ball clouds daydreaming and simply feeling good.

I would entertain all kinds of dreams, dreams of being a pilot, dreams of being a famous actor, or dreams of participating in wild adventures like Indiana Jones in a far away and foreign land.

There also is the idea that exercise and healthy living can behave as a distraction from negative thoughts and it's that distraction that can cause happiness. Having said that, a lot of people can't get themselves into the right mood just to walk on the treadmill machine or jump on an exercising bike to achieve the recommended one hundred fifty mins weekly of aerobic exercises.

Likewise, another study has been done with which it had been established that even without shedding weight, those who have physical exercise routines of 6×40 mins managed to have a better understanding of themselves afterwards when compared to the group of individuals which was given reading materials.

People who find themselves happier are likely to eat better, do more exercise regularly, and acquire better sleep compared to those who aren't.

Ways to be Happy

Be a Happier Person

The best is yet to come is a series of thoughts that I always carried with me. I felt there was always something better yet to come. And you know what? At first I always thought it existed outside in some other place.

Choosing to be Happy

A popular greeting card attributes this quote to Henry David Thoreau: "Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder."...more info here

I searched endlessly, high and low and everywhere. Until I realized, after some hindsight, that something better always did come along in my life whether it was a new job, a new friend, a new skill or a complete surprise! It didn’t have to be outside of me and best of all I didn’t need to look for it.

I just needed to raise my awareness and acknowledgment of what was around me. I simply needed to rise above the situation and not be so attached, involved and surrounded by it. I simply needed to re-focus.

You might even call it gratitude some might call it finding happiness. Sure, there were tough times and although I didn’t always see it as best experience at the time there was always something better that I didn’t even see coming yet. This it leads me to a new thought…

Easy Steps to Happier Living

Why are we waiting for the best to come when we might be able to feel happier and experience it now! What if the ideas we hold in our mind the longest and most frequently eventually become true? Finding happiness when really happiness found you.

Ways to be Happy

After all, haven’t we all heard of the statement “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”? What if we chose to be at cause versus effect? After all, didn’t Ghandi state, “Be the Change You Wish to see in the World.”

Besides the fact that your everyday achievements actually make you happier, but, you can also make a few new friends whom share your interests as you progress. Studies have shown that allowing yourself some moments of zenlike escape everyday will probably make you feel good and a lot happier.

Video Top Ways to be HappyTop Ways to be Happy

Keep in mind positive thinking is important to your happier attitude since it enables you to realize that plans can change, that oftentimes everything doesn't always go in a person's favour. Research has shown that we're happier and much more mindful of possibilities once we become aware of the positive and banish those negative emotions.

Live a Life You Love

In anything you do in life, if you can get a glimpse for just a fleeting moment and experience “The best is yet to come and affirm I’m experiencing it Now” it might be that one little thought, the little edge that propels you one step closer to living and fulfilling your dreams and finding happiness.

Go ahead and experience the best right now in the present moment.

Yet a report shows that lots of people prefer any stimulating elements, even negative ones, as opposed to being alone together with their thoughts.

In one study how smell influences joy it was found that individuals who had been inside a floral scented area selected 3 times as much happiness related phrases as compared to negative phrases. When you're choked with negative thoughts, aim to focus aspects of the circumstances around the actions of others.

Ways to be Happy


Be Happier In Your Friendships

Ask yourself this, what do you have to be thankful for despite some initial thoughts that might challenge you, what could you be thankful for? Go ahead and make a list now, see it, hear it and feel it in your heart.

Maybe you have a warm, dry place to sit and read this or maybe it’s as simple as having a friend that if you wanted to, you could call right now and say hello, simple choices.

15 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

While happiness is defined by the individual, I’ve always felt it foolish to declare that nothing can be learned from observing the happiness of others....check it out

Jokes aside in relation to treating yourself, surprisingly, the analysis has been shown that you should have small victories as you progress so that you are really happy — across a number of areas, happiness is significantly more strongly connected with the regularity compared to the level of individual's positive effective experiences.

The old saying goes, "it's the small things which count" and also it's pretty near to the truth in relation to how people are going to remain happy and in their comfort zone. Learn how to cultivate this healthy and happy habit and you will feel enlightened and other people may look to you throughout difficult times.

So, I leave you with this question. What thoughts carry you forward or compel you to take those next steps in experiencing your best dream yet to come as a reality?

Do you talk yourself out of it, or do you have the courage to experience those thoughts now?

It might be that gentle push forward you need to experience a new breakthrough in finding happiness. Or perhaps you should take a look around at all those happy people, friends and family and you'll see that happiness found you.

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